Homeowners Association
1138 Island Drive
Alameda, CA 94502
 tel 510-522-0270

Legal Name:
  Islandia Homeowners Association
Type of Association:   Planned Unit Development (PUD)
Incorporated:   Not for profit Corp. September 1969
Construction Period:   September 1968-March 1971
Number of Units:   438 One and Two Stories
Percentage Owner Occupied
(rental restrictions):
Number of Buildings:   50
Guest Parking Spaces:   178
Construction:   Frame with Detached Garages
Pool:   100,000 Gal. Solar Heated 8' Max Depth
Clubhouse:   Party Area (Indoor and Outdoor) + Kitchen
Tennis Courts:   2 Unlighted
Basketball Court:   3/4 Court Unlighted
Play Area:   By the pool