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Amenities - Pool

The jewel in the association is the pool which is open to members between May and October.


Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations
  • The Board of Directors has approved rules for the safe and pleasurable use of the pool and pool area.

  • The Management and hired pool attendants have the right to admonish members, their families, or guests to comply with these rules and regulations, or any other posted regulation of the Association.

  • Management has the right to discipline by suspension of privileges appropriate to the offense.

  • Days and Hours the pool is open are seasonally adjusted and will be published in the Newsletter as well as posted on the Clubhouse door.

  • When the Board feels it is needed, a pool attendant, who is not a lifeguard, will be at the poolside.

  • All members must sign in for themselves and their guests with their pool tag number. Pool tags must be visible in the pool area. Five tags are allowed per household.

  • No more than nine persons per household are allowed. Management has the right to restrict the number of guests if the pool is crowded. Each guest without a tag will be charged $1.00

  • According to California law, children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult; children between 14 and 18 years of age must have a water safety card and a letter from the parent or guardian stating they have permission to use the pool without adult supervision.

  • Guests must be accompanied by an adult member 18 years or older.

  • No dogs or pets of any kind are permitted in the pool area.

  • For safety reasons, no diving allowed.

  • Ball throwing, running, wrestling, piggy-back riding, pushing or rough play is not permitted in the pool or pool area.

  • Surfboards, boogie boards, inner tubes, skateboards and bicycles are not permitted in the pool area.

  • Glass containers of any kind are prohibited in the pool area.

  • Smoking is prohibited in the pool area.

  • Eating while in the pool is prohibited, but food and drink can be consumed at the tables or on the grass area.

  • Trash must be placed in the receptacles provided.

  • Swimmers must shower at the pool facilities to ensure suntan and other lotions are rinsed off prior to entering or re-entering the pool.

  • Anyone with symptoms of infectious or communicable disease, colds, nasal or ear discharge, inflamed eyes, cuts bandages, skin eruptions or similar infections shall be prohibited from using the pool.

  • Only bathing suits shall be worn in the pool.  No cut-offs, shorts, jeans, or colored T-shirts will be permitted.

  • Diapers are required on toddlers 2 years and under and all children not yet potty-trained.

  • Swimming attire is not permitted in the recreation rooms of the Clubhouse.

  • No bobbie pins, metal clips, or curlers are to be worn in the pool.  Long hair must be contained by braiding, ribbons, or rubber bands.

  • Use of swim fins, snorkels, Styrofoam objects, rafts, balls, etc., will be permitted at the discretion of the pool attendant.  The pool attendant has the right to restrict the use of pool toys when the pool is crowded.

  • Radios, stereos and other sound emitting devices must be used with earphones.

  • Vandalism, lewd, obscene or disorderly behavior or language is prohibited.

  • The pool attendant has the right to enforce the rules as laid down in this document, approved by the Board of directors.