Homeowners Association
1138 Island Drive
Alameda, CA 94502
 tel 510-522-0270

Islandia is an in-house managed association. This means that we have chosen to have the Board hire the manager for the association instead of hiring a management company to run the operation.

We have been most fortunate to find proficient managers who have been residents of Islandia. This is important because it means that the management team has a vested interest in maintaining the value of the property.

Board of Directors

The members, owners of the properties, elect the Board of Directors.  The Board is made up of 5 members, three of which are elected each year. The Board, following each election chooses the offices they will hold and when meetings will be held.  We currently have one Board meeting each month, on the 1st Tuesday of the month rotating between mornings (9:00am) and evenings (7:00pm) meetings. The offices filled by Board members are: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member.


The Manager works for the Board of Directors since they are responsible for providing for the over-all administration of the association and as a part of that responsibility, they hire the Manager who is responsible for carrying out the policies set by the Board, and for advising the Board of its legal responsibilities. The Manager hires and dismisses staff, prepares the preliminary budget, and works with staff to stay within budget guidelines.

We currently have 17 persons on staff, more in the summer with the inclusion of pool attendants. Fifteen of our staff work on the grounds and have responsibility of our common areas; the repair crew has responsibility for dry rot repair and as well as mandated escrow repairs; the painters, the gardeners for the landscaping and a couple of crew members who have responsibility for the maintenance of the sprinkler system, electrical work and cement work. The administrative staff consists of two persons working in the office, the Manager and the Office Assistant. The Foreman oversees the crew out in the field, he and the Manager are the only salaried (non hourly) staff.

Support Groups

There are a number of Committees who serve at the pleasure of the Board. Their function is to advise the Board on various issues and their input is invaluable to the Board. All committees are selected for a one-year period.

Only couple of committees is mandated by the CC&Rs, one is the Architectural Control Committee. This committee is responsible for working with the Board to establish and enforce the guidelines regarding changes to the exteriors of the units. The other is the Election Committee which is required annually for election of the Board, when necessary.

The Budget and Audit Committee, as its name implies works with the Board to formulate the annual budget, provide oversight on the financial status of the association and to audit the accounts on a regular basis in compliance with state law.

The Grounds Committee works with the Board and with the foreman to provide input regarding the grounds.

The Library Committee staffs our Library, which provides paperback books for residents.