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1138 Island Drive
Alameda, CA 94502
 tel 510-522-0270 or 866-473-2573
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What the Association Does and Does Not Do:

The purpose of the association is to work together to maintain the property and to facilitate implementation of sound business principles as a way to protect the assets of the members. As is stated in our mission statement of purpose:

"Our goal is to protect and maintain a vibrant, harmonious, safe and secure community in which residents have a richness of opportunities and property values are continually enhanced."

The association seeks to work with members to solve all matters and will seek to enforce the rules that have been developed to facilitate our living together.

Living in a planned unit development has both advantages and disadvantages:

Some of the advantages of living in an association are:

  • Exterior maintenance of the buildings is the responsibility of the association.
  • All grounds care and care of the amenities are the responsibility of the association.
  • Because insurance is purchased on the property, rates which are included in your monthly assessment, (with the exception of homeowners insurance or loss assessment) are less than those for an individual separate home.
  • A similar situation exists with the water supply which again you pay a share of as part of the monthly assessment.