Islandia is an in-house managed association. The board of directors consists of five elected volunteers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member. The board appoints a manager who in turn selects other members of staff. Unlike other associations, the board of Islandia relies heavily on volunteer committees to investigate and advise the board. The committees include the architectural committee, Grounds, Budget & Audit, Pool. As a homeowner there is lots of volunteer opportunity to help your community.

Islandia is very fortunate to have such a great and multi-talented crew.

Mita Raval, Manager

Linette Rodriguez, Office Assistant

Miguel Machuca, Foreman

Juan Miguel Salazar (Mike), Assistant Foreman

Rafael Santa Cruz,Grounds Supervisor

Jasiel Padilla, Gardener

Luis Sanchez, Gardener

Guillermo Guzman, Gardener

Angel Felipe Mendoza, Gardener

Maravilla Salvadore, Gardener

Roberto Ortiz, Gardener

Juan Ramon Zamudio, Lead Supervisor Repair & Carpentry

Alex Flores, Carpentry

Sergio Gomez, Carpentry

Bladimir Delgado, Carpentry

Israel Cortez, Supervisor Painting

Eddin Martinez, Painting

David Mota, Painting